Club Yoga Membership

HCY Club Yoga Membership Announcement – Nov. 17, 2014

Club Yoga Membership

Peter Sklivas – HCY Director

HotCore Yoga has transformed into a Club Yoga Membership model in which members pay an annual fee of $200. Just as tennis club members pay court fees each time they play tennis, HCY members pay to take yoga classes. For club members, all the class prices are discounted. Newcomers and non-club members are always welcome to attend any and all classes!

Club Yoga Membership for 2015 will be limited to 60. Couples can share a single membership. The club yoga membership model allows me to focus on serving the Warriors with Soul who walk through HotCore Yoga and roll out their mats. NOT toiling to attract new traffic in an oversaturated local yoga studio market. With your $200 annual fee … I can concentrate on satisfying you!

Benefits of Club Yoga Membership

  • Annual $200 member club fee is necessary to cover HCY operating costs incl rent, heat, electricity, insurance, etc. By purchasing a club membership, you are staking claim to HotCore Yoga as your personal sanctuary. The extraordinary service of HotCore Yoga gets revealed in the nuance details & dedicated focus of the instruction.
  • Club Members get 5 class passes/year for family members, friends or colleagues.
  • Club Members can schedule studio time for HCY classes using Peter’s 550 playlists. Ex. If a club member wants a regular 6am class, you can schedule the class with Peter.
  • Club Members can use the yoga studio (during off-time) for complementary activities such as  Reiki, healing or meditation sessions.
  • Club Members practice HotCore Yoga in a gorgeous yoga studio with exposed granite and brick walls, oak hardwood floor, two walls of 7′ high mirrors, 400 groovin’ playlists from Peter’s extensive eclectic music collection, small classes with ongoing nuanced instructing adjusting asanas, breath, physical and spiritual awareness to wake up your body, mind &  Soul!
Club Yoga Membership

Scorching Hot Warrior with Soul – Abby Reeve

So it’s simple. If you are new to the studio, please drop-in. Check out our HotCore Yoga classes! And we hope you will  become part of our amazing yoga community! Join the HotCore Club Today!

Check our HotCore Yoga schedule! Or call 978-210-2190 for details.

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Better than coffee… or painkillers

I started yoga 12 months ago, to try and quiet my mind….well I have done that & more!! A wonderfully unexpected side effect was a dramatic improvement in my severe back pain. I once needed to see a chiropractor twice a week. I have not gone in over 6 months, and my back is even better!! I started trying Hot yoga classes at Kripalu & Power Yoga this past summer & greatly enjoyed the heat.

On the suggestion of my Kripalu instructor, I tried a HotCore (Bikram) yoga class, and although the style was very different, I was hooked! It was very challenging, but my back was so flexible in the hot room. Although I greatly enjoy all the postures & the heat…the most profound effect is not during class but after. I have such an energy surge it is unbelievable. Although I do not ingest any caffeine, my husband jokingly wonders if I go to yoga or to a coffee shop for 90 minutes!! (I go to yoga, the energy boost lasts longer !!)

I have found a wonderful balance between HotCore (Bikram) and Power yoga, and do both as often each week as I can. And I am totally addicted to the heat!!! I am excited about how good my back, body and mind feel, and I am excited at the possibilities of how much better my back will become.

Thank you Peter, for your patience & understanding as my body slowly returns to normal function.

Robbie Saugus, MA

HotCore Yoga Studio

32 West Street (Rt. 127)
Beverly Farms, MA 01915