Rebuilt Cardio and Circulatory System

HotCore Yoga improves Linda’s capacity to heal Bruises

Immediately after I began taking yoga with Peter Sklivas, I got  hooked averaging 4 classes per week. Running & working out in gyms all of my adult life suddenly felt like a waste of time. After the total experience of the HotCore (Bikram) classes with Peter Sklivas at Yoga Passion, I am feeling the benefits: better mental clarity … stronger sense of well-being even outside of class … increased muscle tone … rebuilt cardio and circulatory system … greater range of motion in a shoulder that’s had 3 surgeries and 9 months of physical therapy.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always bruised easily. Normally bruises take an extraordinary amount of time to fade. Last year  when a soccer ball slammed into my thigh during a friendly family game, the bruise took almost a year to fade.  The week before Christmas I fell from a ladder while putting up Christmas decorations. My left hand was swollen & badly bruised from the tips of my fingers to the base of my palm. I had a four inch wide bruise across my hip. Now was a time I could use benefit from a rebuilt cardio and circulatory system.

While nothing was broken, my hand was extremely sore.  My doctor told me the deep purple bruising would not begin to fade for at least six weeks. Based on my history, I assumed it would be twice that long.  I continued attend to class even though my movement was limited with the soreness of my hand. Much to my amazement, the bruising disappeared in about ten days. Having changed nothing else in my normal routine & always having gotten a good cardiovascular workout at least four times a week prior to coming to HotCore Yoga, I can only attribute this remarkable change of my rebuilt cardio and circulatory system to HotCore (Bikram) Yoga.

Linda H. Young Boxford, MA

New Level of Self-Compassion

Out-of-town Newcomer finds Sanctuary

After 4 sweaty yoga classes Peter Sklivas took individual time with me to insure I got the most out of each asana. His staff also insured I did the postures correctly. So I didn’t injure myself. With each HotCore Class I was learning a whole new level of self-compassion and awareness.

The teachers went out their way to show me how to connect my mind, body and spirit. I will always be grateful to Peter for his professionalism, extensive knowledge and kindness. Often he ended class with meditations where I found myself going straight to the temple of my heart … looking deeply within myself … and being amazed!

Now back home in Philadelphia I have the challenge of resuming my practice. I want to feed my new level of self-compassion. Anyone know where I can find a hot yoga studio as good as HotCore Yoga?

New Level of Self-Compassion

New Level of Self-Compassion

E. Beal  Philadelphia PA

HotCore Yoga Gives us Competitive Edge

HotCore Yoga provides us with an ongoing competitive edge in dealing with the stresses of leading a fast-paced internet company! The bottom line is that HotCore Yoga classes makes business sense!

Chet Barnard, President & CEO, Internet Business Advantages, Boxford MA64

After two years of health club “pseudo-yoga” & two yoga weekend workshops, I found Peter & Yoga Passion. My life is different now. After three months of regular HotCore (Bikram) practice I am serene. My friends want to know what I am “on” and I say yoga. They laugh because they are not aware. I leave the door open to them to join me & see the light.

The most important change in my life is I no longer take depression medication. Through yoga & a soy-based diet I feel happier & more energized than ever before. No more steak or chicken for dinner at my house. Have gone pretty much vegetarian. The Kripalu cookbook is my bible. It feels soooooo good to eat this way. My body thanks me every morning when I wake up with energy, feeling light & aware. Thanks Peter, Bikram & all who came before you.

CW Peabody, MA

Peter, the BEST thing happened. You may remember I brought my 31-year-old son, Jason, to your HotCore (Bikram) class once during the fall while he was visiting from New York City. It was his first yoga class ever. I’d been trying for several years to persuade him to try yoga; it was a tough sell, as Jason insisted that he didn’t like any “group activities.” However, I finally got him over the first hurdle of simply attending a class, so that he could experience first-hand what I’d been raving about. SUCCESS! Since attending your class, Jason has been going regularly to the Chambers Street Bikram studio in NYC. It means a great deal to me that Jason has embraced the practice with enthusiasm & dedication. Thank you for giving my son a positive inspiring first yoga experience.

Wendy Thaxter

For years I enjoyed step aerobics. But after two ski injuries & subsequent surgeries, it became impossible to continue hi-impact exercise. To top it off, last summer I fractured a lower back vertebrae. After that I thought regular exercise was completely out of the question.

Hooray for Yoga Passion! Peter Sklivas’ killer workout has given me back the intense cardiovascular rush I missed so desperately! In addition, the therapy I receive for my back & knee is like an amazing extra bonus!

G.E. Ipswich, MA

For the 1st time in 3 years I woke up this morning with no back pain. NO BACK PAIN!!!! Deep tissue massages couldn’t do this for me. My chiropractor couldn’t didn’t do this for me. HotCore Yoga did! I’ll be back every week!!

Kristin Topsfield, MA

Last week I went to Dominican Republic for 3 days of golf. This was the 1st time in years I was able to take the heat & not have an Asthmatic attack. I’m sure that 2 months of HotCore (Bikram) Yoga under your guidance was the reason. I also hit the driver farther then ever! I am a believer!

Richard Tatelman Marblehead, MA

I have been to a few different Bikram yoga studios during my recent travels in this country and I would only wish that anyone starting with this method would be fortunate to have someone such as Peter at their first instruction.

A profound life-transforming experience! The wonder of the Bikram method lies in the simplicity of the routine and the attention that Peter affords to all his students. He is as authentic and inspiring a medium of the magical 26 postures as there is. He integrates with equal passion the intensity & introspective qualities of the process with a wonderful focus on breath awareness. As a physician, who is experiencing immense tangible benefits from the yoga in the physical & spiritual domains of my existence, I wholeheartedly endorse this method for anyone who wants to “heal” themselves.

Amit Anand, (Deepak Chopra’s cousin) MD, Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School Instructor Boston, MA

At my gym we had to run a timed 800 meter run. Well I knocked 19 seconds of my personal record. I really can’t attribute this improvement to anything other than the fact that I took my first yoga class at Yoga Passion last night. To put it perspective, I’ve never before dropped anything close to this much time.
Joe (age 41) Topsfield, MA

Yoga? You’ve got to be kidding! However in my very pressured life–I’m a “head hunter” in a great market–I’ve found my Yoga Passion classes to be time to relax, refresh & develop mastery of my breathing concentration and flexibility. It’s not a time of competition, but a time to reach deeply into my being & thoughts. I return to the competition of business a more centered person. Yoga! I wouldn’t think about not going!

Ted Hubbard, Vice President, KS Frary & Associates, Salem, MA

Almost instantly I had more energy –which stayed with me for days — particularly with the HotCore (Bikram) Yoga class. The combination of the postures & heat makes this type of work-out one that exhausts, yet exhilarates at the same time. After 12 weeks the shape of my body has changed. I’ve dropped fat & gained much more muscle tone & balance.

These classes keep the pressures of working in a publishing environment in proper perspective. The breathwork enables me to maximize the function of my time at work while bringing me a newfound appreciation for quiet stillness. I love it!

Nancy Jones, Houghton Mifflin Company, Wakefield, MA

One month since my first visit to Yoga Passion & I feel like I am on a journey of discovery. I don’t know what I’ll find but it keeps luring me on. I’ve already had one revelation to share with you. I have a condition known as Raynaud’s Phenomenon brought on by exposure to cold, stress & rheumatoid arthritis. With Raynaud’s the blood flow to the extremities– hands, feet, etc. — gets interrupted & the blood vessels go into spasms. During the spasms, my hands will turn totally white, then purple, then red & finally return to normal. The spasms may be brief or can last for extended periods. I can assure you that the spasms are not fun … and sometimes really, really, really hurt. At any rate…

One evening last week I was home after class and it struck me with such a ‘thud’ that I said out loud “Oh, my God!” I suddenly realized on any evening that I had attended yoga, I didn’t have any bouts with Raynaud’s. My hands were perfectly fine. (Of course, every other part of my body ached, but my hands were fine!) This almost seems to good to be true, yet I have been to three more classes since the ‘revelation’ and each time, no Raynaud’s that evening!

You cannot possibly know how excited I am & how I look forward to telling my doctor on my next visit. If yoga can have this effect on me in 1 month, then do you think by the end of 3 months, I will have lost 15 pounds & regained the body of a 30-year-old? Seriously, it is very special. As I said above, I look forward to continuing the journey.

Lynne M. Middleton , MA

Deepening breath, stretching and reaching into the sensations, reaching beyond where I thought I could go….coming to stillness, visualizing and meditating….Peter’s Yoga assists me to do all this, and to re-center myself. A thank you for the classes!

Lucy Belter, Massage Therapist, Ipswich, MA

For 20+ years I have been training in the martial arts. Throughout all my years of training I have tried many things to assist my focus, flexibility & balance. Most have been helpful but none have been as useful as HotCore (Bikram) Yoga.

Many martial artists stretch certain limbs usually to kick higher. Many need more upper body flexibility. The great advantage I find in yoga is that you improve your full body elasticity. This allows for a much-improved flow in my technique.

Balance is always an issue in martial arts. Yoga’s one-legged poses are very helpful. Of course, as in martial arts training, breakthroughs don’t happen overnight. Slowly, with tenacity & diligence, you will see improvement. Also expect your heart to pound & your breathing to work hard. This is a workout (even for the best-conditioned martial artist)! A cure-all? Panacea? I really don’ t know. A very good cross-training aid for any martial artist? I believe it is. I know it is for me.

L.G. Lynnfield, MA

I’m a 37-year-old mother of 3. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 14. I have suffered greatly over the years with swollen & painful joints. I took Ecotrin (coated aspirin) for about 10 years only to end up with an ulcer. Then I just learned to live with the flare-ups, taking anti-inflammatories & lots of heat/ice. At about 18, I started having problems with my neck. I went to chiropractors for the next 2 decades on and off. They said I had a pinched nerve in my neck. Then the pain went from my neck to my shoulder down my arm and back and felt as though my trapezius muscle was wrapped around my collarbone. It was incredibly painful. I soon learned that nobody could tell me what the problem was, never mind help me.  At 30 I was in two car accidents within one month. After that my neck, shoulder, trapezius muscle, whatever it was, was unbearable. The doctors said I had whiplash and soft tissue damage. On my own I went back to the chiropractor. That did nothing. Then a muscle specialist sent me to physical therapy, four times a week. At that time I could not raise my arm over my head & had no range of motion in my neck at all.

After 10 weeks of physical therapy there was no improvement. I decided to try HotCore (Bikram) Yoga. At first I still had a hard time getting my arms over my head, but after only 6 weeks I could do it with almost little to no pain. At my most recent class I tried to reach my neck to my chest? It worked! I have not been able to move my neck for so long I couldn’t believe it!

I’m having far fewer flare-ups from the arthritis and I really feel so much better. After all the tests, muscle specialists, doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapy, the only thing that has truly made my pain subside is the yoga. So anyone with neck, back, shoulder, or arthritis problems, please try this yoga. It really is a remarkable thing. I will always find the time in my very busy life to give a little back to my own body. To finally not feel constant pain is an incredible thing. I can finally practice baseball & basketball with my children & not suffer afterwards. I thank my sister for introducing me to yoga. It’s the best thing I have ever done for my mind and body. Thank you to Peter for showing me the way.

D. Sherry Lynnfield, MA

I just returned from a 7-day snowboard adventure to Sunday River Maine. We spent 6 days on steeps & in the Glades there enjoying some of the most challenging terrain on the East Coast. The reason I’m writing is to let you know how important Yoga has become in my preparation.

We were on the mountain every morning by 8:30 & off no earlier than 3:30. After six consecutive days I was still ready to go! This after just 15 of your HotCore Yoga classes. The strength, flexibility & endurance improvements I gained are incredible!

Thanks & enjoy the pain — it’s good for you!

John Rossiter, Boxford, MA

With my 47th b-day fast approaching & 26 years of cardiac nursing under my belt, I found I had not learned to take care of myself. The rigors of caring for thousands of patients with a wide variety of critical cardiac problems had taken its toll. Caring so fully & deeply for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others had left me with chronic low back pain & a myriad of other stress related complaints, emotionally off-centered & spiritually voided. In short, I was a real mess!

Then I was given the good fortune of finding Peter Sklivas and Yoga Passion. With loving-kindness and a nurturing hand, Peter has taught me to respect & appreciate my body. My chronic low back pain has all but vanished. For the first time in years, I feel confident that I can give my patients the demanding physical care they require without the previously ever-present fear of injuring myself. I am better able to enjoy my time off, because I spend less of it, trying with anti-inflammatory drugs & heating pads to recover from the rages of patient care without a fit strong body.  My physician and I were thrilled to find at my last physical in November that my total cholesterol had dropped 30 points to the upper limit of normal, and that I had reversed my HDL/LDL ratio also to normal levels. She had to agree that “the yoga clearly was working.”

Spiritually I find myself so much more deeply centered that I have been in a long while. Of all the benefits of my experience with Peter and yoga, I am most grateful to him for helping me to rediscover what is sacred within me. To live mindfully in the present moment is a gift to be cherished; whether is be the momentary exquisite pain of a particular yoga posture, or during the intensely palpable experience of healing, brought on by Peter’s chanting of an ancient Sanskrit mantra.

So in the end, I’ve learned that the best thing I could do for my profession and my career, had nothing to do with continuing education credits, acquiring new knowledge or skills, or re-certification of old ones; but rather, in finding a knowledgeable & nurturing teacher to guide me in learning to heal my own self. While I am enormously proud of myself for taking the initiative to find some way to overcome my burnout, and my continuing commitment to the practice of yoga, and efforts at self healing, I will never be able to adequately express my profound gratitude to Peter Sklivas & Anne Kay for founding Yoga Passion & helping me literally turn my life around.

In peace, love, & all due sincerity,

Chris L. Sharrett, Cardiac Care, RN, MGH, Danvers, MA

As a hairdresser I’m on my feet for very long periods of time and bending at the sink all day to shampoo. Since I started coming just over two months ago, I can honestly say that my legs and back have never felt better!!  Not to mention the fact that with summer and bathing-suit weather upon us, the 7 pounds I’ve shed doesn’t make me feel too bad either! I’ve never liked gyms and aerobics never changed my body too much, but HotCore (Bikram) yoga made me see a HUGE difference in flexibility, tone and overall general health.  I am a walking advertisement at the salon because I want everyone to go and feel as good as I do. Also, for regular studio members, if you have not received a massage from Peter, I would like to ask, what are you waiting for??!! I’ve had many before, but none that even remotely compare to the work he does.  He is a truly gifted person. On a final note, the Friday night workshops with Cindy Barnard are a wonderful experience I’ve enjoyed them very much and look forward to more!  Thank you for making me feel like a better person.

Chrissy Gianakakis Beverly, MA

At 59 years of age I have suffered from low back pain for a long time, having spent many a day in bed, unable to move. So having been a Yoga Passion student for 12 sessions over 1 month, I’m humbled to say I look forward to touching my toes & even standing on one foot for a full minute. My flexibility has improved along with lessening of joint pain that I attribute only to HotCore (Bikram) yoga under a fine coach. But it is Peter Sklivas that has me coming back. His encouragement & direction are both fine-tuned & spirit-lifting.

Beth Snyder, Boxford, MA

A few years ago I noticed joint stiffness was gradually limiting the range of motion in my shoulders. When the doctor told me that I had osteoarthritis, I could not believe he was actually talking to me. As an active limber person throughout my life, I’d never thought of myself as someone who would suffer from arthritis. It has been a humbling experience.

To date no medication has been found to cure the deterioration of the joints. What has helped me, however, is the stretching & strengthening movements of HotCore (Bikram) Yoga. Yoga is strong but gentle enough to extend the mobility of the spine & shoulder joints without putting undue pressure on them.

Like most of us I sit for long stretches of the day at a desk as well as in the driver’s seat of my car commuting to & from work. That does not allow for much movement of the body. After the spinal exercises during yoga class I can practically feel the knots across my back dissolving & the “chi” flowing. There is a general sense of well-being after a session at Yoga Passion that translates into better sleep & a better immune system. Additionally, regular yoga exercises have put a spring in my step & given me a more youthful appearance.

The staff at Yoga Passion is very knowledgeable & “passionate” about the application & benefits of yoga. Personal experience has convinced me that yoga could benefit many individuals with back & joint ailments without the use of expensive medication & intrusive surgery.

Tina Gibson Georgetown, MA

In my practice as a chiropractic physician, I place strong emphasis on patients including a comprehensive movement discipline in their lives. There are few I recommend as highly as HotCore (Bikram) yoga. This is a powerful set of postures preformed in a heated room. A session will stimulate your aerobic activity, circulation, strength & flexibility, all in one routine. This style and other yogic disciplines are currently being taught at Yoga Passion in Saugus, MA.

Peter Sklivas is a highly trained experienced professional. His style of teaching is a wonderful blend of technique, motivation, humor & compassion. I highly recommend Peter, his studio, and his programs.

Dr. Thomas P. McFadden, Chiropractor, Newburyport, MA

I just found out from my doctor that the bone density of my spine has increased 3% from the test I had done three years ago. He said this is “highly unusual” but we know why! Since I have stopped any weight work after joining Yoga Passion 16 months ago, my yoga practice could be the only thing to explain this miracle.

L.Y. Saugus, MA

2001 was the most stressful year of my life. My father passed away & I am a flight attendant(need I say more). When I started at Yoga Passion in January (2002), I immediately noticed months of pent-up stress dissolving. Recently on various occasions fellow employees have approached me to find out what I have been taking or doing to look younger, healthier, & happier. One friend who I hadn’t seen in 6 months asked if I had been using BOTOX. In each instance I repeated the same mantra, “The only thing I have changed in my life is dedicating myself to HotCore (Bikram) yoga at Yoga Passion.” My yoga practice is changing … not just my physical appearance … it is transforming my life … thank you Peter and Yoga Passion.

Emilia Revere, MA

The reason I started yoga was my insurance coverage for my physical therapy was exhausted & I was still in pain from 4 herniated discs in my neck. I still had restricted movement, muscle tension causing spasms in my shoulders & up the left side of my face. This pain isn’t fun & causes inner ear & eye pain. It is really strange to explain. Most people don’t comprehend how muscle spasms can cause so much pain.

My physical therapist had heard about Yoga Passion & recommended I give it a try. Since my PT is an extreme runner & mountain climber, he trains for his events in the boiler room of a local brewery! He knows the effects health has on the body and he told me I would benefit from this type of exercise. I wouldn’t be lifting anything, I would only be working against myself.

To make myself buy into the program, I made the investment of purchasing a yoga mat forcing myself to continue the yoga. My first week I attended 3 classes. I couldn’t believe how I felt after each practice! The pain was easing & I could move better. I slept much better and I had great energy. I was amazed at the effects doing HotCore (Bikram) Yoga had on my aging body!! I felt I was getting younger!

People who hadn’t seen me for months couldn’t believe the glow I had, how nice my skin was, and, this is the best part, how much weight I had lost!! I hadn’t lost any weight because muscle weighs more than fat but I did loose 12 inches of body girth. I dropped from a size 16 to a size 12 within 4 months! I attended my 30th high school reunion Thanksgiving weekend where an old beau asked, “What fountain of youth did you discover?” He made my night!!

Besides the 4 herniated discs in my neck, I also have Hypothyroidism. My thyroid hasn’t worked for 8 years & I cannot loose weight no matter how hard I try. I can exercise daily aerobically, follow a tremendous doctor recommended balanced diet & still gain weight! I have no metabolism so I have a very difficult time loosing weight. Since I began yoga practice, I have lost 8 pounds & I have grown 1 inch!!! My doctor is so amazed about this yoga because my blood tests have shown that my thyroid levels are finally within the healthy ranges. My medication has not been changed in over 4 years, I am taking the maximum amount recommended & my thyroid levels have never been within the healthy ranges. Only since starting my yoga practice have the levels been healthy ones.

Peter, my husband is so thankful that I practice HotCore (Bikram) yoga as often as I can. He says its not often enough. He can tell from my posture & my energy level is I have missed a few days. He pushes me to get to your studio so I will continue to improve my health & well-being. Thank you, Peter, for bringing HotCore (Bikram) Yoga to Saugus & the North Shore. This is the only exercise that has helped heal my problems. I tell everyone about Yoga Passion.

Marie Woburn, MA

I am a middle-aged woman who joined Yoga Passion to reduce stress in my life. Before I started my health problem was my cholesterol count. It was up as high as 330 (under 200 being normal). I knew something had to be done, so I decided to try yoga (coming faithfully 4 times/week) & make healthy dietary changes.

During this 5-month interim, I have worked hard & sweat a lot. Much to my amazement, my effort has resulted in tremendous changes. My body has significantly progressed resulting in decreased measurements, feeling stronger & more energetic than I’ve ever felt in my life — &, much to my & my doctor’s amazement, I recently had my cholesterol retested & it had dropped to a normal reading below 200!!!

Aside from the physical gains, I’m becoming in touch with my true inner self, both spiritually & physically. Each class is a new life adventure with much to learn & experience. All I can say is thank you, Peter & Yoga Passion, for making me a healthier person today. You’re a terrific teacher, and you make me feel good about myself at the end of each class. I can’t imagine my life without yoga.

Mary Ann Tisi, Saugus, MA

I have never written a testimonial before but then again, I have never been able to touch my toes… so I feel compelled to celebrate! All my life I have been a long distance runner…I also have asthma. I’ve done a few half marathons, countless 10k’s & a triathlon. I’m blessed with strong healthy body that has thus far served me well. But over the 18 months (due to personal issues & professional growth) I was running less & putting on weight. At 38 years old my body felt flabby, my skin looked gummy & dry. When I did run my ankles & knees became swollen & painful….I got scared. All my life running was the key to being able to eat whatever I wanted, look the way I wanted. Now I was faced with the very real possibility that running may not be an option anymore. I’m shamelessly vain & getting chubby wasn’t going to happen. I went back to the gym for weight training (ho humm) step classes, kick boxing (which was pretty good) but nothing could compare to an 8-mile run …. then a friend told me about HotCore (Bikram). I had always wanted to try Yoga but I’m a lousy meditator. My mind has got to be the noisiest most undisciplined place on the planet. I wasn’t sure this was going to work & I was truly skeptical about what kind of a work out this HotCore (Bikram) would provide, but I was curious…. 8 weeks later at just 3 classes a week, I’m down 6 pounds. I’ve never sweat so much in my life & now running can’t compare to this! Now I’m an addicted shameless supporter of HotCore (Bikram) Yoga! It is the most intense physical workout I have ever done. Peter…with your inspired guidance/support in each class, by helping to cultivate the physical integration of body, mind & spirit, I’m meditating too! When I leave the studio, I’m physically exhausted, emotionally clear & relaxed. This is something that I can do for the rest of my life & get better as the years pass.

With HotCore (Bikram) I can still call myself an athlete! My skin looks & feels younger. My friends at work think I’ve been getting weekly facials or I’ve been hiding some illicit affair from them. I love coming to class in ways that I never loved about running….I always hated the first 3 miles…with HotCore (Bikram) each pose is a challenge an opportunity to go farther than the physical & emotional challenge of a road race. Thank you, Yoga Passion!

Blessings & Peace … Patricia Wright Malden, MA

Golfer Breathes Sigh of Gratitude
If you were a girl, I’d kiss you. Last week I went to Dominican Republic for a short business meeting & 3 days of golf. This was the first time in a couple of years that I was able to take the heat of a new environment and not have some sort of Asthmatic attack. I am sure that along with western medicine the combination of 2 months of HotCore (Bikram) Yoga under your guidance was the reason. The golf was also great, I hit the driver farther then ever before. When I wanted to I was really able to concentrate. I am a believer!
Richard Tatelman Marblehead, MA

4 Years of Vertigo Disappear

In 1996 I got into a car accident. Since that day, despite going to numerous physician specialists in Boston, I’ve had back/neck pain & suffered from vertigo & headaches. After just 3 classes at Yoga Passion, my headaches & vertigo disappeared. After 6 classes I no longer have neck or back pain. My posture has improved & I haven’t felt this great in years!

Jollen, Saugus, MA

Fast-tracker finds fast relief

Having just moved to the east coast from San Francisco, I was delighted to discover Yoga Passion and specifically Peter Sklivas. Peter is an extraordinary yoga teacher. He is compassionate yet firm. He knows when to push you and when to let you be. He is keenly aware of the sensitive relationship between mind, body, spirit and he respects and acknowledges all three in his classes. The HotCore (Bikram) style of yoga is both exciting, dynamic and restful. … I have never felt better in my life since taking on this form of yoga. I have greatly improved my strength, flexibility & balance while attending Peter’s classes. I lead a stressful life and find Peter’s classes, and HotCore (Bikram) Yoga is a “must have” in managing the demand on my body and mind.

Wendy Hall, Chief Operations Officer, Cerida Corporation Rowley, MA

Better than coffee… or painkillers

I started yoga 12 months ago, to try and quiet my mind….well I have done that & more!! A wonderfully unexpected side effect was a dramatic improvement in my severe back pain. I once needed to see a chiropractor twice a week. I have not gone in over 6 months, and my back is even better!! I started trying Hot yoga classes at Kripalu & Power Yoga this past summer & greatly enjoyed the heat.

On the suggestion of my Kripalu instructor, I tried a HotCore (Bikram) yoga class, and although the style was very different, I was hooked! It was very challenging, but my back was so flexible in the hot room. Although I greatly enjoy all the postures & the heat…the most profound effect is not during class but after. I have such an energy surge it is unbelievable. Although I do not ingest any caffeine, my husband jokingly wonders if I go to yoga or to a coffee shop for 90 minutes!! (I go to yoga, the energy boost lasts longer !!)

I have found a wonderful balance between HotCore (Bikram) and Power yoga, and do both as often each week as I can. And I am totally addicted to the heat!!! I am excited about how good my back, body and mind feel, and I am excited at the possibilities of how much better my back will become.

Thank you Peter, for your patience & understanding as my body slowly returns to normal function.

Robbie Saugus, MA

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