Peter Sklivas
At 15 Peter Sklivas began his practice of meditation. His 35+ years experience includes TM, Dzochen Tibetan Buddhism, Bikram’s 500-Hr Yoga Teacher Training (Spring 2000 & Bikram’s 1992 Kripalu staff-only training), ashram pilgrimages to Rishikesh, India & extensive practice with Baron Baptiste. From ’89 to ‘95 as Kripalu Center Staff Peter immersed himself in the many facets of yoga: Hatha, Karma, Bhakti, Pranayama, Kirtan, Jhana & Tantra. As a personal bodyworker for Guru Yogi Amrit Desai, Peter learned so many nuances about body mechanics & the dramatic effects of subtle changes upon the human body. During his Kripalu years he studied under illuminated swamis, yogis & teachers.

In 1999 he opened Yoga Passion where he has taught more than 4000 Bikram, 1000 Kripalu, 1000 Power & 4000 HotCore classes. And in 2006 Peter created a new yoga style called HotCore Yoga combining his ecumenical approach of Hot Yoga with core body mechanics, ujaya breath, bandhas, energy lines & psycho-spiritual awareness. Each class with Peter is an exciting adventure into the Higher Self.



Tom Schaefer

20 years ago Tom started his alternative healing journey by studying macrobiotics. In January 2010 he committed to a regular 4X/week practice of HotCore Yoga and in November of that year Tom completed the HotCore Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training (formerly Yoga Passion Studio) & immediately started teaching at HotCore Yoga. Currently enrolled in Kripalu’s 500 hour yoga teacher training, Tom has also attended workshops with Doug Keller (Yoga As Therapy), Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains) & Micheal Lee’s Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.


32 West St. (Rt. 127)
Beverly Farms, MA. 01915