Testimonial: Converted Runner


I have never written a testimonial before but then again, I have never been able to touch my toes… so I feel compelled to celebrate! All my life I have been a long distance runner…I also have asthma. I’ve done a few half marathons, countless 10k’s & a triathlon. I’m blessed with strong healthy body that has thus far served me well. But over the 18 months (due to personal issues & professional growth) I was running less & putting on weight. At 38 years old my body felt flabby, my skin looked gummy & dry. When I did run my ankles & knees became swollen & painful….I got scared. All my life running was the key to being able to eat whatever I wanted, look the way I wanted. Now I was faced with the very real possibility that running may not be an option anymore. I’m shamelessly vain & getting chubby wasn’t going to happen. I went back to the gym for weight training (ho humm) step classes, kick boxing (which was pretty good) but nothing could compare to an 8-mile run …. then a friend told me about HotCore (Bikram). I had always wanted to try Yoga but I’m a lousy meditator. My mind has got to be the noisiest most undisciplined place on the planet. I wasn’t sure this was going to work & I was truly skeptical about what kind of a work out this HotCore (Bikram) would provide, but I was curious…. 8 weeks later at just 3 classes a week, I’m down 6 pounds. I’ve never sweat so much in my life & now running can’t compare to this! Now I’m an addicted shameless supporter of HotCore (Bikram) Yoga! It is the most intense physical workout I have ever done. Peter…with your inspired guidance/support in each class, by helping to cultivate the physical integration of body, mind & spirit, I’m meditating too! When I leave the studio, I’m physically exhausted, emotionally clear & relaxed. This is something that I can do for the rest of my life & get better as the years pass.

With HotCore (Bikram) I can still call myself an athlete! My skin looks & feels younger. My friends at work think I’ve been getting weekly facials or I’ve been hiding some illicit affair from them. I love coming to class in ways that I never loved about running….I always hated the first 3 miles…with HotCore (Bikram) each pose is a challenge an opportunity to go farther than the physical & emotional challenge of a road race. Thank you, Yoga Passion!

Blessings & Peace … Patricia Wright Malden, MA