What is HotCore Yoga?
The #1 objection to practicing yoga is the fear of getting injured. The #2 objection is that yoga is only for super supple former gymnasts. HotCore Yoga was created as a safe cutting-edge method to prevent & rehab injuries for ordinary people (that means you). After teaching thousands of Bikram, Power & Kripalu classes Peter Sklivas incorporated the best elements from these yoga styles to make HotCore Yoga into a low impact, high efficiency, ideal X-training tool.



HotCore Yoga’s key elements include:
1. Impeccable body mechanics designed to lengthen/strength the core, which is located from the base of the spine to the solar plexus.
2. Heat & Steam to open up the body. Mirrors to correct misalignments.
3. Long slow Ujaya breaths – Activates the healing faculty that lies dormant in the nervous system. This yogic breath cleanses the body systems, organs, glands, muscles, soft tissues & fascia right down to the cellular level.
4. Bandhas (Core lift) – Subtle internal drawing up that is both physical & energetic.
5. Sanctuary for the Soul – Deep tensions release from the mind  & body whenever a person feels connected to his/her soul. This experience of sanctuary is the essence of HotCore Yoga which balances the intense challenge of the asana practice.
6. Groovin’ Tunes – Our 550 playlists provide musical options to delight & inspire you with a huge range of artists:  Apache Indian, Adele, Thievery Corp, Dj Drez, Krishna Das, Sheila Chandra, Eno, Moby, Nina Simone, Black Eyes Peas, Desert Dwellers, Santana, Eva Cassidy, Hendrix, Snatam Kaur, Zero 7, Indigo Girls, The Monkees, Miriam Makeba +  hundreds of yogi world musicians.
7. Grounded in the time-tested Shiva-Shakti lineage into which Peter has been initiated, HotCore Yoga is a spiritual workout designed to crack you open to the miracle you really are! Not once! But each time you roll out your yoga mat! This is the promise of HotCore Yoga! Join us!

Note: Studio members are required to use a large beach towel, sticky yoga mat  & water bottle. We rent/sell mats & towels. 

FAQs – WHO does HotCore Yoga?
Anyone ready for the workout of their life. At HotCore Yoga (formerly Yoga Passion) we have served everyone from elite athletes to construction workers to grandmothers who believed the best part of their lives were over due to serious injuries. Within the sanctuary of our yoga studio, thousands of people have experienced a new lease on life. Doing this yoga series, studio members report finding more energy & mental clarity to excel in life. HotCore Yoga will help anyone lose weight, relieve stress, & feel great! All levels are always welcome.



FAQs – WHAT IF I’M STIFF? Can’t get anywhere near touching my toes?
It is a complete myth that yoga is only for the supple. Especially with HotCore Yoga. In the heat you’ll discover newfound range of motion & strength to heal your body. Just show up! Give your best effort! Trust the practice!

With flexibility, it’s irrelevant where you start. What matters is the trajectory in which you’re heading. Are you becoming progressively stiffer & more brittle? Or are you becoming progressively more open & supple? If it’s the former, why not do something different today? In his 50’s Peter is more supple today than he was his 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. This trend of increased flexibility is consistent with the experience of  the vast majority of HotCore Yogis.

FAQs – What if I’m out of shape? Or I dread heat?
Get out your malaise & start sweating! The only way to get in shape is to get started. You will be amazed at how your body will love the heat. Again & again I’ve observed people abandon their own self-limiting attitudes about themselves only to discover a powerful human being awakening to miracles. This yoga practice is a step-by-step method to regain your core. The only question is: What’s that worth to you?




 FAQs – What if I can’t stand the competitive vibe of the gym or other yoga studios?
The beauty of our classes is everyone is so focused on their own breath, body & intention of healing/stress release/awakening that you may be amazed how peaceful a room full of intense yogis can be.

Unlike competitive sports, when you win in yoga, everyone else in the room & your life wins with you. There is no need for second, third or fourth place in order to give meaning to the concept of victory. Hence, NO competitive vibe. Just Self-Empowerment. Isn’t this enough?

For Type A Go-Getters, letting go of needing to win represents a huge opportunity for a personality makeover. Your spouse, kids, parents, colleagues & other dear ones will thank you a million times over for taking up yoga. And you’ll still get an ass-kicking work-out! We promise!

 FAQs – What if I’ve never done yoga before?
95% of HCY studio members took their first class here. We specialize in creating a sanctuary where you rebuild your own body from the inside out. Please let us know if you are working through injuries or chronic conditions. Use of props & modifications make it possible for people of every age & range of motion to knock the rust off their rotors. The key ingredient involves investing time & energy in the most sacred temple on Planet Earth … your own body … drop the excuses & start practicing!



 FAQs – Do I have to do every posture?
You choose your level of challenge. Our job is to guide & inspire you. Within this time-tested highly therapeutic method & group-setting of fellow yogis, studio members create their own miracle stories! See our web testimonials.

You will sweat here. You will be challenged. And you can take as much rest you need. In fact, it’s in the resting pose (Savasana) interspersed throughout the series that the magic of HotCore gets integrated into the nervous system where so much healing happens. Try it & start creating your own miracle.

 FAQs – HOW does HotCore Yoga work?
The body is naturally self-regulating. It just needs to be boosted when it’s out of balance. HotCore provides this boost by gently stretching, squeezing & massaging internal organs, flushing out the cardiovascular system & stimulating the endocrine & nervous system. Oxygen/nutrients are supplied to stagnant body parts. Toxins are eliminated. The central nervous system is both energized & soothed. The lymphatic system is also flushed out & the immune system is boosted. Sexual fertility/vitality are improved. Internal organs & endocrine glands are brought back into balance & peak performance. Lung capacity is expanded. Bones are strengthened. Joints are opened & lubricated. By doing these postures you are working on the cellular level to reorganize the cells’ lipids & proteins so that calories can be more easily burned.




  FAQs – Isn’t HotCore Yoga a close facsimile of Bikram Yoga?
Yes. At first glance, many postures look the same. Plus we utilize heat & mirrors. However our emphasis on fundamental body mechanics, yogic breath (ujaya) & corelift (bandhas) sets us so far apart from the vast majority of Bikram teachers (including Bikram himself). It was for this reason Peter decided to launch a new style. HotCore gives you an even more intense work-out because we incorporate the highest rehab modalities available to keep your body/mind connection safe, fit & vital for the long run in your life.

Note: It’s recommended to use a large beach towel, sticky yoga mat  & water bottle. We rent/sell mats & towels. Shower is available to rinse off after class. 

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