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  Drop-in      $20     $18      $15    $13
  5-class card (expires in 3 mo.)      $85     $75      $70    $60
  10-class card (expires in 4 mo.)    $150    $130     $130   $110
  20-class card (expires in 5 mo.)    $270    $240     $240   $200
         1-Month Unlimited    $150    $130     $120   $100
         3-Month Unlimited    $350    $300     $295   $260
         6-Month Unlimited    $695    $600     $550   $500
         Mat rental        $2
         Towel rental        $2

Drop-ins and Non-club members are always welcome!

* Club Members pay an annual fee of $200 in order to take advantage of club rates & participate in co-creating the yoga studio as a community sanctuary community!  Apply Today!

Shower Available

Our HotCore Yoga rates offers tremendous value for building health and vitality in your body, mind & spirit. Every day the cost of mediocre health across America is becoming increasingly expensive. Investing in your Core is a wise investment for your life & the lives of people you love!
See you on your yoga mat!


Rates - HotCore Yoga
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 Check out Rates – HotCore Yoga to Rehab Injuries, Burn Fat, Heal & Get Fit! 

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