Testimonial: Better than coffee…


Better than coffee… or painkillers

I started yoga 12 months ago, to try and quiet my mind….well I have done that & more!! A wonderfully unexpected side effect was a dramatic improvement in my severe back pain. I once needed to see a chiropractor twice a week. I have not gone in over 6 months, and my back is even better!! I started trying Hot yoga classes at Kripalu & Power Yoga this past summer & greatly enjoyed the heat.

On the suggestion of my Kripalu instructor, I tried a HotCore (Bikram) yoga class, and although the style was very different, I was hooked! It was very challenging, but my back was so flexible in the hot room. Although I greatly enjoy all the postures & the heat…the most profound effect is not during class but after. I have such an energy surge it is unbelievable. Although I do not ingest any caffeine, my husband jokingly wonders if I go to yoga or to a coffee shop for 90 minutes!! (I go to yoga, the energy boost lasts longer !!)

I have found a wonderful balance between HotCore (Bikram) and Power yoga, and do both as often each week as I can. And I am totally addicted to the heat!!! I am excited about how good my back, body and mind feel, and I am excited at the possibilities of how much better my back will become.

Thank you Peter, for your patience & understanding as my body slowly returns to normal function.

Robbie Saugus, MA