How Do You Like Your Sweat – With or Without Devotion?

Keeping Vigorous Hot Yoga Practice Authentic to the Values of Yoga In the last twenty years hot yoga practice in America has trended toward emphasizing a sweat-infused heart-pounding cardio challenging workout. Believe it or not. that’s not how yoga used to be. Before sticky mats and stretchy skin-tight gear, the emphasis of yoga was about removing impurities as the veils of illusion in order to uncover the atman (soul). Back in the early ‘90s I lived in a celibate ashram […]

Shakti: The Cosmic Party Girl

Shakti: The Cosmic Party Girl What’s at the Core of HotCore? Yogis tap into the cosmic pulse which Obiwan, from Star Wars, called “The Force”. In yoga we call this energy by the name of a goddess named Shakti. It is said Shakti has no body, because she dissolved her essence into the core of every single particle of creation. Think of it. As a fundamental building block of sentience, Shakti: The Cosmic Party Girl rouses all beings from the […]

To Drink or Not To Drink? The Hot Yoga Question!

Recently a studio member forwarded a blog written by the esteemed San Francisco Bikram Yoga teacher Mary Jarvis in which she describes drinking water during class as a an unnecessary distraction.

Okay, I’m going to go way on a limb & say that Mary’s position is extreme. First, a little perspective for folks who’ve never practiced Bikram or other HY variety. By its nature, Hot Yoga is meant to kick your ass. It’s designed to be an extreme emotional-spiritual push-to-the-edge cardio physical challenge.

Why Peter Created HotCore Yoga?

Why Peter Created HotCore Yoga