Testimonial: Fast-tracker finds fast relief


Fast-tracker finds fast relief

Having just moved to the east coast from San Francisco, I was delighted to discover Yoga Passion and specifically Peter Sklivas. Peter is an extraordinary yoga teacher. He is compassionate yet firm. He knows when to push you and when to let you be. He is keenly aware of the sensitive relationship between mind, body, spirit and he respects and acknowledges all three in his classes. The HotCore (Bikram) style of yoga is both exciting, dynamic and restful. … I have never felt better in my life since taking on this form of yoga. I have greatly improved my strength, flexibility & balance while attending Peter’s classes. I lead a stressful life and find Peter’s classes, and HotCore (Bikram) Yoga is a “must have” in managing the demand on my body and mind.

Wendy Hall, Chief Operations Officer, Cerida Corporation Rowley, MA