New Level of Self-Compassion – Testimonial


New Level of Self-Compassion

Out-of-town Newcomer finds Sanctuary

After 4 sweaty yoga classes Peter Sklivas took individual time with me to insure I got the most out of each asana. His staff also insured I did the postures correctly. So I didn’t injure myself. With each HotCore Class I was learning a whole new level of self-compassion and awareness.

The teachers went out their way to show me how to connect my mind, body and spirit. I will always be grateful to Peter for his professionalism, extensive knowledge and kindness. Often he ended class with meditations where I found myself going straight to the temple of my heart … looking deeply within myself … and being amazed!

Now back home in Philadelphia I have the challenge of resuming my practice. I want to feed my new level of self-compassion. Anyone know where I can find a hot yoga studio as good as HotCore Yoga?

New Level of Self-Compassion

New Level of Self-Compassion

E. Beal  Philadelphia PA