Testimonial: Arthritis Sufferer Discovers Relief from Pain


A few years ago I noticed joint stiffness was gradually limiting the range of motion in my shoulders. When the doctor told me that I had osteoarthritis, I could not believe he was actually talking to me. As an active limber person throughout my life, I’d never thought of myself as someone who would suffer from arthritis. It has been a humbling experience.

To date no medication has been found to cure the deterioration of the joints. What has helped me, however, is the stretching & strengthening movements of HotCore (Bikram) Yoga. Yoga is strong but gentle enough to extend the mobility of the spine & shoulder joints without putting undue pressure on them.

Like most of us I sit for long stretches of the day at a desk as well as in the driver’s seat of my car commuting to & from work. That does not allow for much movement of the body. After the spinal exercises during yoga class I can practically feel the knots across my back dissolving & the “chi” flowing. There is a general sense of well-being after a session at Yoga Passion that translates into better sleep & a better immune system. Additionally, regular yoga exercises have put a spring in my step & given me a more youthful appearance.

The staff at Yoga Passion is very knowledgeable & “passionate” about the application & benefits of yoga. Personal experience has convinced me that yoga could benefit many individuals with back & joint ailments without the use of expensive medication & intrusive surgery.

Tina Gibson Georgetown, MA