Testimonial: Cholesterol Drops from 330 to below 200


I am a middle-aged woman who joined Yoga Passion to reduce stress in my life. Before I started my health problem was my cholesterol count. It was up as high as 330 (under 200 being normal). I knew something had to be done, so I decided to try yoga (coming faithfully 4 times/week) & make healthy dietary changes.

During this 5-month interim, I have worked hard & sweat a lot. Much to my amazement, my effort has resulted in tremendous changes. My body has significantly progressed resulting in decreased measurements, feeling stronger & more energetic than I’ve ever felt in my life — &, much to my & my doctor’s amazement, I recently had my cholesterol retested & it had dropped to a normal reading below 200!!!

Aside from the physical gains, I’m becoming in touch with my true inner self, both spiritually & physically. Each class is a new life adventure with much to learn & experience. All I can say is thank you, Peter & Yoga Passion, for making me a healthier person today. You’re a terrific teacher, and you make me feel good about myself at the end of each class. I can’t imagine my life without yoga.

Mary Ann Tisi, Saugus, MA