Testimonial: Fountain of Youth for Thyroid!


The reason I started yoga was my insurance coverage for my physical therapy was exhausted & I was still in pain from 4 herniated discs in my neck. I still had restricted movement, muscle tension causing spasms in my shoulders & up the left side of my face. This pain isn’t fun & causes inner ear & eye pain. It is really strange to explain. Most people don’t comprehend how muscle spasms can cause so much pain.

My physical therapist had heard about Yoga Passion & recommended I give it a try. Since my PT is an extreme runner & mountain climber, he trains for his events in the boiler room of a local brewery! He knows the effects health has on the body and he told me I would benefit from this type of exercise. I wouldn’t be lifting anything, I would only be working against myself.

To make myself buy into the program, I made the investment of purchasing a yoga mat forcing myself to continue the yoga. My first week I attended 3 classes. I couldn’t believe how I felt after each practice! The pain was easing & I could move better. I slept much better and I had great energy. I was amazed at the effects doing HotCore (Bikram) Yoga had on my aging body!! I felt I was getting younger!

People who hadn’t seen me for months couldn’t believe the glow I had, how nice my skin was, and, this is the best part, how much weight I had lost!! I hadn’t lost any weight because muscle weighs more than fat but I did loose 12 inches of body girth. I dropped from a size 16 to a size 12 within 4 months! I attended my 30th high school reunion Thanksgiving weekend where an old beau asked, “What fountain of youth did you discover?” He made my night!!

Besides the 4 herniated discs in my neck, I also have Hypothyroidism. My thyroid hasn’t worked for 8 years & I cannot loose weight no matter how hard I try. I can exercise daily aerobically, follow a tremendous doctor recommended balanced diet & still gain weight! I have no metabolism so I have a very difficult time loosing weight. Since I began yoga practice, I have lost 8 pounds & I have grown 1 inch!!! My doctor is so amazed about this yoga because my blood tests have shown that my thyroid levels are finally within the healthy ranges. My medication has not been changed in over 4 years, I am taking the maximum amount recommended & my thyroid levels have never been within the healthy ranges. Only since starting my yoga practice have the levels been healthy ones.

Peter, my husband is so thankful that I practice HotCore (Bikram) yoga as often as I can. He says its not often enough. He can tell from my posture & my energy level is I have missed a few days. He pushes me to get to your studio so I will continue to improve my health & well-being. Thank you, Peter, for bringing HotCore (Bikram) Yoga to Saugus & the North Shore. This is the only exercise that has helped heal my problems. I tell everyone about Yoga Passion.

Marie Woburn, MA