Testimonial: Martial Artist Takes Practice Deeper


For 20+ years I have been training in the martial arts. Throughout all my years of training I have tried many things to assist my focus, flexibility & balance. Most have been helpful but none have been as useful as HotCore (Bikram) Yoga.

Many martial artists stretch certain limbs usually to kick higher. Many need more upper body flexibility. The great advantage I find in yoga is that you improve your full body elasticity. This allows for a much-improved flow in my technique.

Balance is always an issue in martial arts. Yoga’s one-legged poses are very helpful. Of course, as in martial arts training, breakthroughs don’t happen overnight. Slowly, with tenacity & diligence, you will see improvement. Also expect your heart to pound & your breathing to work hard. This is a workout (even for the best-conditioned martial artist)! A cure-all? Panacea? I really don’ t know. A very good cross-training aid for any martial artist? I believe it is. I know it is for me.

L.G. Lynnfield, MA