Testimonial: Salon Owner Sings Praises


As a hairdresser I’m on my feet for very long periods of time and bending at the sink all day to shampoo. Since I started coming just over two months ago, I can honestly say that my legs and back have never felt better!!  Not to mention the fact that with summer and bathing-suit weather upon us, the 7 pounds I’ve shed doesn’t make me feel too bad either! I’ve never liked gyms and aerobics never changed my body too much, but HotCore (Bikram) yoga made me see a HUGE difference in flexibility, tone and overall general health.  I am a walking advertisement at the salon because I want everyone to go and feel as good as I do. Also, for regular studio members, if you have not received a massage from Peter, I would like to ask, what are you waiting for??!! I’ve had many before, but none that even remotely compare to the work he does.  He is a truly gifted person. On a final note, the Friday night workshops with Cindy Barnard are a wonderful experience I’ve enjoyed them very much and look forward to more!  Thank you for making me feel like a better person.

Chrissy Gianakakis Beverly, MA