Shakti: The Cosmic Party Girl

Shakti - The Cosmic Party Girl  by Peter Sklivas

Shakti – The Cosmic Party Girl by Peter Sklivas

Shakti: The Cosmic Party Girl

What’s at the Core of HotCore?

Yogis tap into the cosmic pulse which Obiwan, from Star Wars, called “The Force”. In yoga we call this energy by the name of a goddess named Shakti. It is said Shakti has no body, because she dissolved her essence into the core of every single particle of creation.

Think of it. As a fundamental building block of sentience, Shakti: The Cosmic Party Girl rouses all beings from the slumber of inertia. In other words, Shakti’s job is to poke us in the ribs … kick us in the ass … tickle our hearts. She gives us her turbo-octane rocket fuel energy as a catalytic spark inspiring us to embrace our souls for the purpose of infusing this universe with consciousness and love.

Shakti is the cosmic lover bestowing blessings to her beloved over and over again. Each time you roll out your yoga mat, you become her beloved. Actually Shakti is going to bestow her gifts regardless of whether we engage in a regular spiritual discipline or not. In every moment of existence she is calling out, “Here is the all the energy and intelligence you could ever need. Please take it freely into your body. Feed your mind. Dance with me. Life is a cosmic festival. Let’s play!”

In the absence of Shakti: The Cosmic Party Girl, this life will always feel hollow. When we ignore the beckoning to dance in the cosmic playground … whether it’s ignoring the call of Shakti or other divine messengers … we will suffer. Our true nature awakens when we trust that a cooperative approach to celebrating life is part of who we are. The practice of HotCore Yoga will help you to heal your body and much more. Just as the source of physical and emotional imbalances will inevitably trace back to the thoughts passing through our minds, so too is the awakening of love. The trick is to expand the boundaries of our minds just large enough to invite in Shakti: The Cosmic Party Girl. Her promise is that she’ll take care of everything else. At it’s core … HotCore Yoga is a practice of surrendering to the pulse of life. Wanna play?

Discover your Shakti: The Cosmic Party Girl at the HotCore Yoga playground!

Om Shakti Om… Om Shiva Om                       Peter Sklivas