Yoga Tip: Awakening Super-Mind


This evening I witnessed a studio member reach for her lower back after coming out of camel. Her body language & emotions were so transparent that it was easy to read her mind. She was terrified that she had injured herself. I advised her to turn around, relax in Savasana, & reminded her that she had stretched her spine in one direction in camel and that we were about to stretch it in the other direction in rabbit….to relax and breathe in preparation for rabbit. She had not injured herself. However, with the entrenched patterning of her worrying mind, she was on the verge of convincing herself that she was doing something harmful & doubting her practice. During first set of rabbit I gave her extra attention & she was relaxed and present throughout the rest of her class.

When we allow our bodies and conscious mind to relax, the possibility exists to tap into vast pools of higher intelligence (buddhi). Suppose for a moment we could experience a radically expanded understanding of who we are, how would life be different?

For one thing, our memory would actually function when we most need it. In other words, once we have acquired insights into how to achieve greater fulfillment in our bodies and minds, we would not allow momentary spasms of fear to cause us to undermine our yoga practice and other nurturing activities.

In the above example, there was no injury…but when the spasm of fear strikes, what did she do? Her first instinct was to panic. When buddhi is awakened, a higher intelligence overrides this instinct to panic and memory gives us that us the discernment to identify the pain in camel which is therapeutic and balanced by the stretch in rabbit. Can anyone relate to this sort of panic? The question is: after the panic, how long is it before our higher intelligence takes charge of the situation? Naturally this sort of panic can occur in many arenas in our lives.

Once we allow our super-mind to awaken more and more on the yoga mat, it can carry over into these other arenas. So when buddhi is awakened, we own our truths in a new and profound way…not because someone else told us that something was true…but because our own direct experience revealed truth to such a tremendous depth that we would never again doubt its veracity. Each time we enter Savasana, there exists an opportunity to tap into this universal super-mind within us. How? By simply allowing the conscious mind/body to be a spectator to the profound let-go into the breath and moment. Try it! Even if you have zero interest in spiritual development, please know that your physical body will immediately drop into self-healing. Your biochemistry will be drawn into a harmonious balance by the higher vibration of the super-mind. Try it & let me know how it works.

To quote a blind half-paralyzed man who visited Kripalu named Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, “All of life can be distilled into one phrase … it works, when you’re ready!”