Yoga Tip: Be the beacon for peace & love – It starts with me and you


Today is a sobering day. By now all of you have heard about the terrorist attacks on NYC Trade Center, Washington, and other locations. It is a shock. How is one to respond? On the one hand I feel a tremendous ripple of sadness pulsating through myself and collective field of humanity. Symbols of the global establishment of power have been attacked. Tens of thousands of human beings have transitioned to the other side en masse. Our blanket of invulnerability has been pierced with seeming ease.

On the other hand planet earth is teetering grossly out of balance. Clearly a correction is needed. This violent event is one among many many occurring day after day (most of which we can easily ignore because they don’t hit close to home). Its symbolism can be a call to alter the direction of violence and abuse which world leaders have either initiated, condoned, or used for personal gain. BUT HOW? How can this enormous juggernaut of human intention, thought, and action shift toward peace and love? HOW?

Who can guide the way? If ever a miracle was needed, isn’t this shift what it’s all about? In my opinion it will not occur as one miracle … but as many many miracles that will ripple across the planet to initiate and inspire more thoughts and acts of true courage.

A vital thing to remember is that the souls of today’s casualties are not extinguished. The spirit is eternal. It cannot be otherwise. Each of us was created in light & to this light we will return. At some point we must embrace this truth. Otherwise acts of violence will create so much fear and hatred that even larger portions of humanity will start building seemingly impregnable fortresses and launching counterproductive attacks which will beget more violence.

Where to start? How about praying for ease and grace in the transition of the souls who have departed (including the terrorists who died)? How about asking God/Goddess/Angels of Light/the power of LOVE/whatever you call SOURCE to embrace this ones and guide them into the arms of the Source/Love/Lord/Divine Mother? Heartfelt prayer is very very powerful … especially when our prayers join in the jetstream of collective intention with other prayers … there are Emissaries of Light surrounding us … but without our request they cannot intervene because the Earth is what is called a freewill zone … with your prayers, they can and will intervene … your prayers and my prayers matter … now more than ever.

Shortly after hearing about these attacks I stopped for an errand and ran into a fellow yoga teacher. When we mentioned the strangeness of the day, she asked what could be done about it. I said, “Each of us is a beacon of peace and love. Today is a day to stand in this truth.” She replied, “That’s more responsibility than I want.” For whatever I didn’t challenge her on it. Maybe I was surprised by her words. Think of it. If each of us took her attitude, where our planet be in 5, 10, 50, 100 years? Look at our population trends, consumerism trends, capitalistic trends, pollution trends. The critical mass is obviously building. It doesn’t take a genius to see that a shift is needed.

Who will this woman rely on to hold this sacred responsibility?  Is it wise to rely on media that lives for ratings? … Is it wise to rely on government leader that live for the next election? … is it wise to rely on your parents? As the Hopi Prophesy states, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Tonight Tuesday Sept. 12 at 9pm (EST) we will hold a peace meditation/vigil for the souls who have departed … for their loved ones who remain here … for the collective human field. At times such as today, there is an opportunity. All across this country and planet, people are stunned out of their ordinary ways of thinking. Their feeling center is/has been forced open by these shocking events. The value of collective prayer & meditation is greatly amplified during these moments. Your efforts do count. Please join us either by coming to the yoga studio … or by lighting a candle by yourself or with loved ones … and calling forth the Light and sending out love and peace … ask the angels to come and embrace those in fear and sadness and anger.

Now more than ever is a time for each of us to awaken our inner healer. Every effort we make to purify our bodies, minds, and hearts is worthwhile. Each of us is a sacred temple … a beacon of peace and love … can you feel it? If not, join with someone who does … so you can too … when 2 or more gather in Thy Name … remember that line? It’s not enough to simply say the words. There must be heartfelt truth backed up with commitment to practice, practice, practice. This is why all the sweating and hard work of building our bodies is worthwhile so that our peace can radiate from the potency of a strong healthy body. Prior to class for the next week we will ask everyone to hold silence as a way of dedicating our practice to peace and love. If you feel confused about how to make a contribution in these troubles times, I invite you to come and share with others who want to initiate healthy change. Remember … You are a powerful healing force on Planet Earth.