Yoga Tip: Chatting with Bikram


Bikram is excited to hear about Yoga Passion.
I picked up the telephone & dialed Bikram’s home number in Beverly Hills. Secretly I was hoping to speak with Rajashri (his wife). Bikram and I had not spoken since the completion of my certification training 7 months ago. In case you don’t know it yet, Bikram can sometimes be an intimidating presence. It took several minutes before Bikram remembered who I was. When I said, “You remember, the guy you called an Asshole in front of all 100 trainees.”    “Oh yes, the Kripalu teacher. Yes, yes, you are a good teacher,” he murmured. Bikram meets so many people every single day of the year. As he likes to say, Think of it!    Anyway Bikram was so pleased to hear about how well our Yoga Passion – Yoga Studio is doing. He encouraged me to join him for his spring workshop at Kripalu & his summer workshop at Omega.  Bikram proudly informed me that 5 new studios opened this week across the country. Bikram gets so excited when new studios open.

I thanked Bikram for the many things which he taught me during the certification training. I confided that I’ve never been so happy & that Bikram Yoga is changing people lives on the Northshore of Boston. We spoke about plans for improving the certification process and about the death of Deepak Chopra’s dad (Deepak is a personal friend of Bikram’s). In short, Bikram sends his personal blessings to everyone connected with the studio.