Yoga Tip: Developing Discernment: The benefit of different teachers


Yesterday Mary Conti taught her first class at Yoga Passion. I think it’s safe to say that everyone was impressed. Clearly this woman knows her yoga…from the inside out…as someone who drops many pools of sweat…and allowed Shakti (the Divine feminine energy of transformation) to rearrange the interior mindscape into deeper heart balance & love.

I want to warn everyone ahead of time. You will hear things from Mary that may seem to contradict some of the things I say. Please know that teaching styles differ from person to person. By taking classes with well-informed teachers you have the opportunity to develop an essential quality toward owning your own unique relationship with Self/body/mind/soul. This quality is called discernment. As you deepen your practice, you will feel the innate intelligence from within emerging more and more. This evolution makes every yoga class magical. The benefit of taking class with Mary is that you will get a different perspective that will help create the climate for your own inner-yogi to emerge. We are all fortunate to have her with us. Please give her a warm Northshore welcome!