Yoga Tip: Vectors of Energy


Hopping on the Super-highway to Vitality Hot Yoga is a physical challenge … no doubt about it … our classes teach you how to rediscover vectors of energy that flow through you. How? Applying whatever strength you possess in subtle but vigorous extensions of movements. In most of the postures it might apply to a casual observer that nothing much is happening. That is because this individual is not experiencing the vectors of energy. Why bother tapping these subtle vectors of energy? Where else can you go & find as such a broad range of miracles as happen in our humble northshore yoga studio? Please understand that the teacher does NOT heal the studio member. We teach YOU HOW TO HEAL YOURSELF. Read through our testimonials or talk to people who come to Yoga Passion. We attract every body shape and age. Almost everyone comes with some challenge(s) … either physical, emotional, mental (stress), or spiritual. The range is enormous … much more than any teacher can keep track of … and yet cholesterol/blood pressure levels drop, dysfunctional glands start working again, joints and spinal injuries get realigned, stress/depression levels drop, vitality/inner joy/self empowerment increase. Naturally as yoga teachers we make ourselves available to create safety so that you can harness your inner resources to find these vectors of energy. For example, there are 2 basic ways I can do Triangle Pose:

1. Struggle through the posture until the teacher shouts the magic word, “Change!” Such an attitude usually entails holding my breath and praying it will be over soon. Doing the posture this way, my body feels heavy.


2. Extend myself in the posture starting with the feet, fingertips & crown of the head (as well as the breath). Pressing down the outside edge of the straight leg foot initiates a downward vector of energy that naturally shoots out the crown of the head (as long as there is a straight line from the heel through the armpit on that side). While I have invested some energy by pressing down with the outside edge of my foot and extending out of my crown, now there suddenly emerges much more energy which lifts the body up. And if I extend my skyward pointing fingers up, there is suddenly even more energy surging through me. And if I press my bent knee back using the back of mydownward pointing arm and spread my straight-leg hip away from bent-knee inner thigh, ahhh, even more energy ramps through me. NOW I FEEL LIGHT. I have invested my strength in the posture. My breath is effortlessly flowing long and deep because I am feeling plugged into an invigorating energetic jetstream which lifts me up until I barely notice someone whispering, “change”.

What I am saying is that a small investment of emotional/mental/physical intensity will yield a tremendous return. Why do you think this YOGA thing works so well for so many people? There must be something here. Find the vectors of energy & you will discover radically new ways to inhabit human-ness. The Source is close at hand. One breath away … one series of extensions away … push off the shore of the familiar & coast into newfound vitality. One metaphor that I like in regard to self-healing goes … I can plod along on a cow path for days with the thought that is the only way to get home … or I can hop on the super highway & get there in a matter of an hour or two. Will it take effort? Of course, it will. But it’s fun! Will happen overnight? Probably not. While I have witnessed spontaneous healing, finding and staying aligned with these vectors of energy usually requires patience, persistence, and practice … which is probably good because it provides an ongoing opportunity to integrate & share what we’ve experienced into our daily lives … so that we maintain our Source Connection & inspire others to do the same. Do these words make sense? Can you see how you and I are a part of transforming our northshore community? See you at Yoga Passion!