Yoga Tip: March Madness or March Miracle? You decide!


It may surprise some of you to know that I am something of a sports fan junkie.  As a graduate of a Big 10 School (Northwestern) I always feel a stirring in gut when the NCAA basketball Tournament’s March Madness begins.  64 college teams play in a single elimination tournament for the privilege of being crowned the national champions.  Part of the magic is that each year Cinderella teams defy the odds by defeating schools with much higher rankings. Anyway, often driving to and from Yoga Passion to teach classes, I flip on the radio to get my sports fix. Actually what I end up doing is flipping the radio and then flipping it off…flipping it on 3 minutes later and then flipping it off…flipping it on and flipping it off. Sounds like odd behavior. Why would I do this?

Last Spring during my Yoga Teacher Training, Bikram said that one single negative (self-destructive) thought can undo 9 positive (self-empowering) thoughts…for this reason he said that it is very important to examine what sort of thought forms we expose ourselves to. What never ceases to amaze me is how negative (self destructive) our media is! Here is it…March Madness…there are so many heartwarming inspiring sports stories waiting to be celebrated this year…and during 1 hour of Sports radio talkshows, how much time do you think is devoted to positive sports affirming language? Please understand that there are some really great stories this year.  Probably about 30 seconds….30 seconds out an hour which is 3600 seconds. That means there is 3570 seconds of trash…much of it downright mean-spirited talk. Think of it! And this ratio is about the norm for talkradio (from my limited exposure).

So what did Bikram say about exposing ourselves to negative thought forms? It is no wonder that loving ourselves sometimes might seem like an uphill climb. So what to do? I don’t know about you. But I am constantly seeking meaningful union with truth/Source/human companionship, which is why I flip on the radio in the first place.  So what to do? This is the sort of question that a yogi must ask him/herself. Otherwise I am yielding my lifeforce to the confusing flotsam and jetsam of society’s common denominators…not the path to personal freedom. Yes?

So what to do? Here is one yogi’s response: I look inward to connect the one seeking union & then I extend up to Source. I open my car window and feel fresh air against my face. I shift my body posture so that my spine is straight. I recall how my breath can help align my body/mind/soul. And I remind myself that there is an infinite quantity of unconditional love within and around me. And I make a soul nurturing connection within/without which supersedes mundane desires all the while yielding my desire to get a sports fix. I let that desire drop. Otherwise I am going to get stuck trying to get soul nurturance from talkradio. And I connect with a more deepfelt desire. This is yoga…remembering what is truly important and making that the highest priority and taking actions which manifest results commensurate with those priorities…and having compassion for myself when I forget by wasting my lifeforce indulging in trash.  This is what I am calling the March Miracle…it is always there…available to me and you and anyone else who simply tunes in. But since March is a time of rebirth, it seems appropriate to invite myself and you to create March Miracles today…right now…why not?  Often times human beings have a tendency to look outside ourselves for leadership.  From the yogic perspective we believe that we already possess all wisdom that we need. It is there. Do we love ourselves enough to focus on what is important and make the soul nurturing alignments…in body/mind/heart/soul? This is a question that I answer over and over again every day with my life choices…what a wonderful opportunity… if I end up aligning with March Miracles for 1 minute out every hour, then I’ve had a great day! What would it be to align with these miracles for 60 minutes out of every hour? Well, that’s the game I came here to play.  Join me!