Yoga Tip: New Year’s Resolutions can work!


New Year’s Resolutions can work – The key is to focus on a goal & make a realistic commitment. Every year human beings across this planet mark the passing into the New Year by declaring Resolutions with the hope of making positive changes in their lives. Do these resolutions work?

During my tenure at Kripalu in the early 90’s I participated with the rest of the community in chanting Om Namah Shivaya for 3 days non-stop. I would leave the Main Chapel to drink hot ginger tea, eat light meals, or nap for an hour or two. But otherwise I chanted aloud or in silence when my voice got extremely hoarse. These three days were a time to get clear in my alignment with Source and Self … a time to let go of what had happened in my life during the past year … a time to declare intentions for the new year… and a time to reaffirm my commitment to my Soul’s evolution and bare my heart to God. These three days leading into the New Year were my favorite time of year. Even thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes. And I can honestly say that many of those resolutions have come into reality. So, yes, New Year’s Resolutions can work … especially when they are aligned with the Will of Source and Self … but it’s not as simple as writing some words on a piece of paper and then forgetting about it the rest of the year.

True meaningful change requires new ways of thinking and new ways of being. It requires an ongoing commitment. In light of events this past autumn, I hope that we agree … it is time for make meaningful changes in all of our own lives … isn’t it? A critical mass of humanity has been building for some time on planet Earth. There is an opportunity for each of us to contribute to the flowering of our co-habitation here. Personally I think it starts with identifying the nucleus of who each of us is… identifying our individual priorities … examining how these mesh with the priorities of dear ones in our present lives … and taking actions which nourish the core nucleus of ourselves. Yoga, meditation, prayer, being kind and joyous, chanting God/Goddess’ name, surrounding myself with the company of strong like-hearts souls, creating healthy boundaries, re-defining or terminating relationships in which I abandon my True Self, rediscovering and trusting my own intuition in small decisions made throughout the day… these are activities which nourish my core and make it possible to extend this core to others. New Year’s Resolutions can be a catapult into a Year filled with new exciting adventures. I invite each of us to make this transitional time empowering for ourselves and our planet. May the Spirit of this Holiday Season take on ever-new, ever-rich meaning. As always … we are the ones we have been waiting for … why wait? Right? Let’s make this one the best of all possible New Years.