Yoga Tip: Pay it Forward – Share yoga’s benefits & they will multiply


How often have you heard “Give and you shall receive”? Christ and every authentic mystic has walked the talk of these eternal words. Give away something precious to someone who truly needs it & the universe will naturally reward you in kind. But how can any of us extend ourselves to give if our gas tanks are always running on E? Enter yoga … commitment to a regular practice will fill the human gas tank … and not with that cheap watered-down stuff … but with high octane jet fuel … it is with more and more practice that the quality of fuel improves … as does the mind’s capacity to harmonize with the body and soul to harness this energy for good intention. How many of you have experienced what I am writing about?

On a friend’s recommendation I recently watched a film titled Pay it Forward. While I don’t usually have time to sit down for 2 hours (my own life feels like the movie that I’ve always wanted to see), I must admit that I was deeply touched by this story. The basic message beckons for a grassroots transformation in our own homes and neighborhoods by making a commitment to help three people by giving something to them which is precious … the gift must be something that is not easy to give … the gift requires sticking by their side until they are able to receive the gift … and then asking each recipient to commit to “paying it forward” to three more individuals. In this way a wave of giving can grow and touch many individuals who just need a leg up in life. Characters in the film suffer tremendous emotional, mental, physical pain. At times characters question whether this altruistic approach is practical, safe, worth the effort. What does your heart say? Is making a commitment to pay it forward worthwhile? I am not sure about safe. But whoever lives their life just to be safe is probably driven more by fear than love? Anyone driven by fear will pull fear to them? When our life’s actions are motivated by love, doorways open up in our own hearts which forever alter our perception of who we are and the world around us … that is, until we forget … and then there is always another opportunity to connect with love and open up again. The spirit is immortal and so is love.

I invite you to consider join me in kicking off a “Pay it Forward” wave on the Northshore. Know that we can and are transforming our community as we dare to transform our lives. One way to share the wealth is to bring a friend to yoga. Check out our fall schedule of events and workshops. Join us!