Yoga Tip: Radiant Muscles & Tissue


Earlier this week one of our regular studio members went into the hospital for surgery. She told me that she was anxious because she would be unable to practice yoga for a couple weeks until tubes were removed. Her yoga practice of about 6 months has transformed her life. New strength, better posture & breathing, emotional alertness & balance, overall happiness from the inside out. These qualities describe what I have seen in this woman & what she has repeatedly shared as her yoga experience. An unexpected benefit of the yoga came from the lips of the doctor. After the surgery he told her that her muscles and tissues were absolutely beautiful and he asked what she was doing. When she said, “Yoga,” the doctor commented that she ought to keep it up & was amazed. How often have you heard of a surgeon commenting to a patient about how healthy their muscles & tissues are. This woman is not an exceptional world-class athlete ready to compete in the next Iron Woman event in Hawaii. She is a forty-something woman who is putting her time, effort & skillful intent into a yoga practice that is making a very real difference in how she lives in her body, mind & heart. And from the inside out, her body has responded. She can’t wait to get back into the studio because she knows it will help with her rehab.

Last week Shakti Jenni (my fiancé … she wants people to call her Shakti more and more instead of Jenni) was having her blood pressure taken. When the nurse got the reading, she thought the instrument was mistaken so she told Shakti that she would use a more primitive pumping device. The nurse got the same results. Normal is 120/80. Shakti was 93/62. The nurse asked, “Are you a long distance runner?” Shakti replied, “I do a vigorous style of yoga.” The nurse was so intrigued that she took one of Shakti’s business cards and she wanted to try it with her daughter. These sorts of benefits speak to wellness which goes beyond the mere physical dimension. Yes, of course, physical challenge is an obvious component of Bikram HotCore yoga. Simultaneously via the deep relaxation and intelligent breathing there are countless opportunities to re-calibrate the mind-body-soul alignment with which everyone looses touch from time to time. Unfortunately most people don’t even acknowledge that there is something that requires alignment. Or if they do, they seek external superficial solutions which may have short-lived benefits. When people talk about healing our planet, it always strikes me that it is not the planet which needs healing … but rather the people who live on our planet … us … You and me.

The yogis say to themselves, “Don’t try to change the world. Let the world change me. And when I am changed … not superficially but from deep within … meaningful change in the world around me is inevitable.” Ten years ago at Kripalu Center I heard these words from my former guru Amrit Desai. And today, when I take the time to listen, I still hear these words in my head.

In the weeks ahead change will occur at Yoga Passion. November 1st the yoga studio will move. Regardless of whether you choose to follow us over to Beverly Farms or take your practice elsewhere, I thank each of you for your presence in my life and in the life of Yoga Passion. Please know that I have been honored to teach yoga classes in Danvers for 4+ years. When Yoga Passion opened I never thought Bikram HotCore Yoga would so completely dominate our schedule. For the first year there were as more Kripalu classes than Bikram. My first Bikram room (19′ X 7 1/2′) only held 7 bodies including me. It was so small because I did not want to pay to heat the larger room and was uncertain if anyone would go for hot yoga. But the extraordinary results created a demand which out-grew that room and the upstairs larger room and inspired me to move downstairs into our current location. Presently I am putting together a yoga teacher training curriculum so that I can share my many years of yoga and meditation with studio members who want to step up their relationship with yoga in their practice or by teaching at Yoga Passion. The Beverly Farms location is not intended to be permanent but rather a 6 – 12 month solution while the core staff of Yoga Passion emerges. So if you want to contribute to your own evolution and Yoga Passion, please let me know. Details to follow about this yoga teacher training.