Yoga Tip: Reconnecting Your Original DNA Blueprint


This week I spoke with one of the top yoga teachers on the planet. Her name is Mary Jarvis & she runs Global Yoga out of San Francisco with 3,000+ members. Her experience has demonstrated the effectiveness of Bikram yoga in so many instances that she tells everyone “miracles happen here every day!” Mary believes Bikram Yoga helps individuals reconnect their original DNA Blueprint. Combined with the heat, this yoga brings people into perfect and normal condition as specified by the highest vibration of this DNA Blueprint. In the 1st Wave of practice, Bikram Yoga scans the entire system of the individual and gets the body/mind/spirit back into balance by teaching every cell to radiate Divine Spark. One effect of practicing the yoga is to jazz up the body’s biochemistry. Mary and I spoke about protocols for hyper or hypo thyroid, healing through cancer, and the expansion of her business into a new San Francisco yoga studio. When I mentioned that a few of my students have complained about being in so much pain that they crawl into the studio, Mary responded with simple words, “What’s wrong with crawling?” To which I add, “as long as you’re crawling in the right direction.” Healing through injuries, trauma, chronic illness is a challenge. But every day Mary sees the miracles happening in her own life and in the lives of her studio members. I take inspiration from Mary. So I thought to share her vibe.