Yoga Tip: Reflecting on Miracles


Recently I’ve heard so many incredible testimonials concerning the effectiveness of Bikram HotCore Yoga that I feel compelled to invite you to make your own personal inquiry. What miracles are happening in your body? Mind? Spirit? Often times we get stingy about recognizing miracles even when they’re staring us in the face. And then we miss something very important such as a precious relationship or a business opportunity or a shard of self. Much of my own life journey has been devoted to re-collecting those scattered shards. It has only been in the last year that I can honesty say day-after-day that I am happy…fulfilled…completely on-board in my life’s work. My regular practice of yoga has played a critical role in getting humpty dumpty back together again. During this season of reflecting on sacred miracles from the past, why not reflect on the present ones? And share those reflections with loved ones who can hear? Let the miracles inspire others who may be ready for their own leap? Isn’t sharing miracles what this holiday time is about? Can you hear the tender words which your loved ones might wish to share with you? Can you allow the sphere of miracles to grow out in every direction?