Yoga Tip: Shovelasana – New Posture


Yesterday I shoveled a mountain of wet goopy snow out of my driveway, sidewalks & cleared off the West Street for fun. My driveway is the snowdrift magnet for the entire Eastern Seaboard. This morning I got more of the same over here + digging out my mom. How ’bout you? What I’m noticing is how imperative it is to treat each shovel load motion as though it’s a yoga posture. Deep bend in the knees. Use the legs. Avoid hurky-jerky sudden motions when lifting extra heavy loads or finishing the toss. Engage strength throughout the body. Get long slow breath digging the shovel into the snow. Exhale with the snow toss. Pay attention to grounding with proper footwork. Keep the mind positive. Enjoy the beauty of living in this winter paradise.

The magic of a yoga practice is the strength that can be accessed when needed as a result of time spent on the mat. And when aches & muscle strains happen, the yoga mat is the best place I know to rehab the body. In particular, asanas which build low & mid spine strength are key: cobra, masthead, bow, camel, rabbit, nautilus, standing bow, balancing stick, tabletop stick & others. Core strength is all about getting strong in the low back & gut.

Can you think of an activity which challenges the body core more than shoveling snow? Especially when the snow is as heavy as this last storm? Practicing HotCore Yoga is such a practical way to build core strength so it’s there when you need it. Anyway I’m jotting down this quick yoga tips because my brother Steven reminded me that yoga postures can really help people instill greater body/breath awareness & strength for the ordeal of shoveling. So I hope these words inspire you. Now I gotta go shovel off my sister’s roof.