Yoga Tip: Smileasana


This morning Lauren and I drove over to the studio like every day. But the power was out on Rt.1 and our building. Sooooooooooooo….I guess that means no yoga today. Blizzard Yoga Posture – Perhaps you can practice an advanced posture called “Smileasana.” This posture will open up energy portals along the palate of the mouth and aligns glandular functioning throughout the entire body. Precision of breath and tongue placement are crucial. Tip of the tongue lightly touches soft inner lips. Entire top flat surface of tongue presses into palate. Curl corners of pursed lips slightly like “smirking buddha.” Nostril breathing will allow energies from lower chakras to connect with 3rd eye and crown…which will then circulate down the spine…connecting entire electrical body circuitry. It works. This may sound like satirical…but actually it really does work. I have practiced this body alignment when meditating or simply sitting still for a few minutes. Let me know how it works for you.