Yoga Tip: Tickling Heart


Happy Valentine’s Day! May all hearts experience the fullness of love for Self & Source!

New Yoga Posture called: Tickling heart
Sometimes it is convenient to confine the scope of our yoga practice to a mechanic manipulation of body parts to achieve tangible physical results. Inevitably, though, there is one body part which throws a monkey wrench into this approach…it’s called the heart. When we embark on this journey, there is a chance that the heart may start making its presence known in newfound ways. It seems so obvious and natural that all human beings yearn to open their hearts to share and receive love. Right? Well, it doesn’t seem to work out that way…does it? Speaking from personal experience, I have witnessed through years of meditation and yoga practice how much energy I have invested in protecting my heart…even when I am perfectly safe…even when I am surrounded by nurturing loving individuals. So what does this phenomenon have to do with yoga? By creating sacred conditions, the heart will seek to heal every wound. It may take weeks, months or years. But I believe that, when we love ourselves from the inside out, love will heal every wound. So don’t be surprised during this Valentine’s Week if you feel a tickle from inside your heart. My advice is to take the time to breathe, listen, and let the heart open to love….Namaste,  Peter Sklivas