Yoga Tip: ‘Tis the Season to sweat, sweat, sweat & purify, purify,purify


Temperatures have been soaring at Yoga Passion which is translating into accelerated purification for lots of sweaty bodies. In yoga we have a term (tapas) which refers to the internal heat generated by the regular practice of hatha yoga. This tapas creates an ideal internal climate for breakthroughs in mental, emotional, physical, and (even) spiritual wellbeing. Do you think these sort of breakthroughs happen with ease and grace? Well? How much work did it take to create these internal roadblocks? How old do you think these blocks are? Bikram has a saying: “Never too old, never too sick, never too bad, never too late to start from scratch all over again!” What he saying is that no one is beyond redemption. All of us can reclaim our own Self-Empowerment!

The questions are few:
1. Can regular practice of this yoga create the climate for breakthrough & Self-Empowerment?
2. How a high priority is Self-Empowerment in my/your life? Each of us must answer this question (not once) but each time we decide to clear time in our busy schedules for yoga .. and then each time we enter the yoga studio and feel the heat hit us … and then when we decide what it means to love ourselves in a challenging class.

I too face these challenges … more and more now that Mary is here … I must tell you that sometimes I get dizzy when I’m in the role of student. And I cherish those classes above all others. I happen to love a challenge. From personal experience I know that it is in those moments, when my mind goes into complete spasm, that breakthrough is not far away. If I can simply relax into the moment (even when I am doing a strenuous posture such as triangle), there is the possibility of going to a new level of being completely united in body, mind, heart, and soul. And I tell you that there is no drug, no athletic rush, no recreational activity (indoors or outdoors), no chocolate/ice cream fix, no external achievement that comes close to this experience … which can be had over and over again. But in order to get there … which is nowhere other than right here … each of us must pay attention to our own bodies … attune to the breath … & make an ongoing commitment to the practice and journey of yoga. As we have master the body/mind/soul configuration in the yoga studio, it will naturally spill into other arenas of our life. Naturally it should not be assumed that because someone is great in the yoga studio that every other facet of their life will be perfected. But more and more we can grow and learn with love and compassion. That is certainly my goal. I welcome your participation. Let’s get it on!

In answer to the first question … yes, sometimes breakthroughs happen with ease & grace … but usually only after lots of focused effort … I pray that everyone of you experience breakthrough with ease & grace in this lifetime … make that next week … namaste.