Yoga Tip: Ways to Make the Holidays Special


In recent years I’ve noticed that the holiday season has become an increasing stressful time of year for many people. Here are some eYoga tips to make this time special in a spiritual way (which is what this month is supposed to be about…right?)

1. Driving in the car – learn how to press your sits bones down & stretch your spine up. Create that natural human traction & breathe. Getting stuck in holiday traffic can be aggravating for even the most enlightened yogis/yoginis. So use the time to lengthen your spine. Breath some love into your spine (wherever else you need it) & exhale pent-up frustrations. This practice might not get up in or out the mall faster. But it will help to lower your blood pressure and accept the present moment.

2. Sweat away chilly cold weather blues. The best way to acclimate to the dip in weather temperatures is get into a hot room and sweat…sweat…sweat. Get more flexible and feel your inner blast furnace ramping up by doing Bikram yoga.

3. Skiers Alert – Get in shape for the slopes. Awkward pose will transform your thighs into rock solid muscles. The balancing series obviously improves balance. The entire 26 posture series stretches your muscle, ligament, and tendon. So why not get into Bikram yoga classes now to give your winter performance?

4. Think & share loving thoughts about yourself & loved ones. Again, isn’t this time of year supposed to be about spiritual renewal and sacred time with friends and family. Often we gather for parties but shy away from expressing the joy and love in our hearts. Why not be bold!  Those loving thoughts and gestures might just be contagious.