Yoga Tip: Well Watching


The Gloucester docks for the whale watching tours are a short drive from my house. While the reviews for watching whales sound magnificent, the tours that float my boat are the ones discovered on my yoga mat. In the heightened states of relaxation which occur regularly in vigorous hot sweaty yoga practice, I encounter my body, mind and spirit communing one with the other. What I am noticing is a choice to drink deeply from the well of life. For whatever reason most human beings don’t seem to know about the well of life. Or if they do know about it, and somehow manage to get close to it, we watch the well. Strangely enough, few of us chose to drink. It’s as though we are afraid the waters of life have been poisoned. The result is that most of us seek substitutes which fail to nourish our souls. Can you think of things you routinely put inside your body or mind … i.e. food, drink, tv, violent news/entertainment, sex, fantasy images of who you ought to be … that push you further away from your sacred center? Possessing freewill gives us the choice to piss on our sacred center. Forsaking the well of life remains an option. All the ancient prophesies have pointed to these years after 2nd millennium as the pivotal window for planetary awakening. Vast tracts of the oceans are dying. Most of the ancient forests are gone. The polar icecaps and the world’s high mountain glaciers are melting. Every day species are becoming extinct and new diseases are arising faster than medical science can manufacture remedies. So what are we waiting for? Making sense of life during this time of massive upheaval can feel overwhelming. Getting lost in numbing agents and dramas might seem like a reasonable course of action. From the yogic point of view, nothing is going to change out there in the world until we shift who we are inside. Having a regular spiritual practice is one key to making meaningful internal shifts. While I am not so presumptuous as to believe that yoga is the only transformational practice that can bring a seeker to the well of life, I have experienced the magical power of yoga in my own life. This is not say that I don’t indulge in escapes. For me, the indulges of choice are usually the Sox, Pats & Celts. I spend a great deal of time watching other men play the game of their life instead of getting my butt out on the field to play my game. Yoga practice reminds me that I have choices. I can stare at the well. Or I can drink from the bucket. Having great friends around me is another key because they reflect the truth back at me when I don’t wanna see it. Surrounding myself with a Dream Team of Enlightened Support is vital to keeping me on track. As much as the ego might shout otherwise, none of us can transform our lives in isolation. Each of us will make choices about what sort of reality we are creating. Today’s opportunities for extraordinary living surpass anything human beings have ever lived. And we can create nightmares just as quickly. I hope you are making conscious choices today that bring you closer to the well of life. Remember, when you get close, don’t just watch the well. Drink! And when your cup overflows, just relax. Let it spill over to everyone around you.